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Clips with advice for blogging and writing, October 2010

Posted on: October 15, 2010

Time to make another compilation of clips I have found interesting in terms of learning more about blogging and writing. There are also some good items here about issues of concern to bloggers such privacy.

From Copyblogger:

  • 50 Can’t-Fail Techniques for Finding Great Blog Topics.” You can never have enough blogging prompts and ideas. For me, the problem is not usually lacking ideas. It is more along the lines of having the time to write the ideas and create something good for the blogs.
  • The Responsible Blogger’s Guide to Dealing with Big Brother.” You need to be mindful of your behavior and ethics if you are going to be a good blogger. From giving credit when you use sources to being mindful of what you post. I constantly preach to my students and anyone who will listen about being careful when it comes to online postings.

From ProBlogger:

  • 7 Deadly Fears of Blogging and How to Overcome Them.” This is pretty inspirational. The asking for money fear is really not an issue for me since I do not blog for money (yet. One should never say never). I do need to be reminded to stop running from idea to idea and focus once in a while so I can bring ideas to completion.
  • 4 Ways to Use Twitter to Support Your Blog.” I don’t use Twitter as much as I could, but I am interested in learning how to use it better. Given also that my boss now wants a library Twitter account (questionable as the usefulness of that may be), I may end up using Twitter more.
  • Top Ten Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Linked In.” I have a Linked In profile, but I do not really use it. I just cannot get into its more corporate climate. The jury is still out for me on how useful it may or not be since a lot of the networking I do already happens in other places. Still, this list seemed useful.
  • 47 Lists of Bloggers to Watch in 2010.” I have been keeping this clip for a while, and I do need to look over the links. But I like keeping handy lists of folks that could help provide inspiration or new lessons.

From Write to Done:

From Eat, Sleep, Social:

  • 7 Reasons You Should Be Blogging.” I liked the emphasis on learning from this post, both learning about yourself, which is done with reflection, and learning about your industry/trade/profession. This is a post that you can pass on to that colleague who may need just a little nudge to start blogging.



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