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A couple of items about Google

Posted on: September 20, 2010

One of the workshops we are offering at my library this semester is on Advanced Google techniques. As I was preparing for the workshop, news came about Google Instant, and then I saw the item on Google Books.

  • On Google Instant, Phil Bradley gives us his take on it. I am not particularly thrilled with the feature, and I turned it off on my computer. I don’t feel a need for Google to try to tell me what I want to find. Here is another take on it, from the Free Technology for Teachers blog. I usually like FTFT, but this time I don’t agree with them saying this is good for school kids. Basically, I see this as lazy searching (and I don’t think, contrary to Google’s claim, that it is a timesaver).
  • On Google Books, Salon has a pretty good piece that I think deserves more dissemination on the problems and errors of Google Books. Stephen Abrams, who points to the article, conveniently breaks down the issues presented in the Salon piece into a nice list. I know a good number of librarians go ga-ga over Google Books, and I would think they would be interested in this issue.

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