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Once more, I have enough items on this post to share it with my two readers. This time I will start with a small list of titles I jotted down as I was browsing the new book section at the local public library. I did not check any of them out at the time because I had a few other books I was already reading. However, these struck me as interesting and as possibilities to read at a later date. So, here they are, in no particular order:

Other items I have come across around the World Wide Web:

Some recent reading lists which may have items I want to read:

  • From The Daily Beast, “The Barrack Obama Book Club.” According to the article, this list “is the entire Barrack Obama Book Club—as culled from newspaper archives and peeks into Air Force One tote bags since the beginning of the 2008 campaign.” The interesting thing about the article is how some of the authors of the books he reads have their doubts whether the President reads the whole book or not. I will admit I may be a bit skeptical: how does he find the time to read, especially given some of the heavy stuff (in terms of weight and substance), given all the things he has to do? Anyhow I am posting in case anyone else is interested and hoping maybe someone has read a book or two from the list and would tell me about it.
  • Passport, the blog of Foreign Policy journal, has come up with “Summer Reading: Latin American Edition.” This is a list of books, fiction and nonfiction, so you get to learn some more about Latin America and its history, a topic that Americans (I am referring to U.S. dwellers in this case) are sorely ignorant about.From the list, I have read La Fiesta del Chivo (yes, I read it in Spanish, the way it was intended. For my non-Spanish reading friends, the English title is The Feast of the Goat).

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