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Sort of webliography on the question of librarians as professionals

Posted on: July 6, 2010

Since I take a good degree of pride in the work that I do, I do not take kindly to certain members of my profession who spend a bit too much time questioning whether a librarian is a professional or not. Personally, if they have the time to be asking that question, they probably have a little too much time on their hands. No, I am not being charitable to those raising the question, especially the ones who just plain say no, but it because at a time when there are plenty of people who would love nothing better than to shut down libraries and send their librarians and library workers on the road to extinction, I don't think I need to also have to worry about my own colleagues denigrating my work or the work of my coworkers in my library because they do not fit some label on the basis of some technicality or other. It is pretty much one of the abstract questions that I stay away from in my professional blog. However, I have been clipping posts as I see them on the topic, and this is just a small listing of what I have found. I am just compiling it here mostly for reference purposes.

The list (so far, pretty much in reverse chronology). I am not commenting on any specific post; I am just jotting them down.

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