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Some clips on leadership and management to ponder, April 2010

Posted on: April 22, 2010

This is just a set of links on leadership that I have been saving to ponder upon regarding leadership and management. While I personally do not have an interest in becoming a manager, I do have some interest in the topic of leadership.

From Dumb Little Man:

From Bob Sutton's blog Work Matters:

  • "The Power of the First Follower." Sutton makes a very good point: if there are no followers, then there are no leaders. It is an intriguing idea. Sutton is also linking to a lecture Derek Sivers in this post. 

From Lifehacker:

  • "Make Sure You're Not De-Motivating Your Team." The Lifehacker folks are highlighting this article from HBS Working Knowledge Series. The article does say something that should be common sense to employers and managers: it takes more than money to keep your workers motivated. From the Lifehacker post, "instead, team leaders need to get out of the way and stop de-motivating employees with mindless policies and poor management strategies." Sound familiar? As an aside, HBS Working Knowledge has a list of their best articles of 2009 here that may be of interest. 

From Library Bytes blog:

  • I am not a big fan of discussions of leadership in librarianship. Seems to me people in my profession often like to look at the theory, but they do not practice what they preach. I also tend to be apprehensive because such discussions often degenerate into just seeing what can be taken (or stolen) from business literature instead of actually thinking it through then applying it to librarianship. Anyhow, these are some brief notes as a "Thought of the Week."
  • "Innovation and Leadership." This is mostly a link to a presentation Helene Blowers gave on the topic.

From ACRLog:

  • "It Helps to Have Presence."
  • "The Involved Academic Library Administrator." This is an idea that I have strong mixed feelings about. On the one hand, some involvement is ok. Once the administrator starts micromanaging and meddling too much (when he or she should be actually administering), it becomes a problem. You want to stay in the trenches, do so. Once you become an administrator, do the job you were hired to do and let those of us who actually know what is going on in the trenches do our jobs. Part of you being a leader (or at least a manager) is having the faith in us to do our work. 
  • "Run Your Library Like a Circus." Another piece I am a bit mixed about. At least the title; the ideas in themselves are not bad.

Other items:

  • Here is an edition of the Leadership Development Carnival I need to go through. Looks like there are some good posts there.
  • Michael Casey offers "a few thoughts on crisis leadership." 
  • CW from the blog Ruminations on "Learning from Experience." She was reading the book Crucibles of leadership: How to learn from experience to become a great leader by Robert J. Thomas, which is mentioned in one of the other posts listed here. 

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