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Additional articles on reference services assessment

Posted on: March 3, 2010

I have been doing some reading on reference services assessment, in large part due to a push in this regard by my administration. I have blogged about some of them over in the main professional blog (see here and here and here). I am running out of time, plus there are other topics in LIS I would like to explore, so I am making a quick post here to jot down some things I have read recently and others that I may or not read later.

The ones I have read:

  • Gremmels, Gillian S. and  Karen Shostrom Lehmann, "Assessment of Student Learning from Reference Service." College & Research Libraries 68.6 (November 2007): 488-501. In brief, this article looks at whether students see reference interactions as learning experiences, and it tries to assess this. The article includes some survey instruments in the appendix. (Read via Library Literature and Information Science database). 
  • The Gremmels and Lehmann article above was reviewed by Megan von Isenburg in here for Evidence Based Library and Information Practice
  • Neville, Tina M. and Deborah B. Henry, "Reference Classification–Is It Time to Make Some Changes?" Reference and User Services Quarterly 48.4 (Summer 2009): 372-383. This one deals with the issue of whether librarians can consistently classify reference transactions. In other words, what is a directional question versus more of a reference question. Survey instrument included as well. It advocates for use of the Warner classification system. (Read via Library Literature and Information Science database).
  • Novotny, Eric and Emily Rimland, "Using the Wisconsin-Ohio Reference Evaluation Program (WOREP) to Improve Training and Reference Services." The Journal of Academic Librarianship 33.3 (May 2007): 382-392. I did not get to read this one, but I am keeping it to read over later. (Read via Library Literature and Information Science database).

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