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Brief thoughts on Facebook and privacy

Posted on: January 22, 2010

Since Mark Zuckerberg made his infamous remark that privacy is "no longer a social norm," I have wanted to smack him. Seriously, what I have wanted to do is write some kind of post to educate my students on privacy issues online and to warn them that maybe they should not be listening to a guy whose only interest is really his pocketbook. In time, I would like to turn this draft into a longer post, but for now, I am parking some links I think may be useful later. Personally, I am very concerned about my privacy. In the interest of disclosure, I do use Facebook, both personally and for work (I maintain my library's FB page), and I do use all the privacy options available to me there, in spite of Mr. Zuckerberg's persistent tricky changes to get us to loosen up on our privacy options.

I am not sure where I am going with this draft yet, though I know that in addition to discussing some of these things for my students, I would probably add links to things like the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) that provide good information on online privacy. By the way, realized that International Privacy Day is next week on January 28th. I knew there was a reason I had ordered those materials on privacy from ALA recently. I have my work cut out for me.

Update Note (1/28/10): Here is the post on Privacy Day I wrote for the the library's blog. I did incorporate some of the ideas I was considering in this draft. Looking down the road, I would like to see if we can plan our own set of events for Privacy Day in my campus. This would be for next year. Also, May has Privacy Week (another event). I already have some materials for that, and I doing some planning at the moment for a possible program. Writing the post for Privacy Day now for the library blog served as a way to test the waters, so to speak. I am looking forward to seeing if the posts gets any responses or comments.


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