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Clips with advice for blogging and writing for September 2009

Posted on: October 2, 2009

I am dating this for September since that month just ended, but these are things I have been looking over or caught my attention in the last few months (at least, since the last time I did this type of post). I mostly make a note of these for personal reference, so I can keep them  handy to help me with my own writing and blogging. So, here we go:

From Copyblogger:

  • "How Your Emotions are Strangling the Life Out of Your Copy." This one struck pretty close to home for me. I do often let my emotional filters get in the way of my writing, especially when it comes to my blogging. I would like to reflect on this a little further, but in part, I know it has to do with the problem of preserving and maintaining an image. A librarian blogger, unlike others, has to keep a certain professional image. We often worry about what our employers, present or potential, may think about what we write. We often censor ourselves, and I think this can take a toll on writing. Definitely something worth pondering here.
  • "S.P.E.E.D. Writing: Five Tips to Double Your Writing Productivity." I have to read this one a bit more closely, but so far, the ideas of structure and eliminating distractions are good. I think at times I select too many things, then feel a little overwhelmed to actually write things down.
  • A list of "Top Ten Blogs for Writers for 2009." Some of the ones on the list I already follow, but I have to take a moment from my busy schedule to look at the others. 
  • Here is a reminder of "Five Grammar Mistakes that Make You Look Like a Chimp." I will admit that it irks me when I see some of these in other people's writing. In fact, this was so good I went ahead and shared it on my Facebook feed.
  • On "The Dark Side of Authority," about creating authority for your blog, but there is also wisdom about dealing with trolls on your blog comments. 
  • "The Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging." I do need to reread this one again. 

From ProBlogger:

  • "How to Create Reader Profiles/Personas to Inspire and Inform Your Blogging." I have to read this one more closely, but the exercise sounds like it would be a worthwhile thing to try out.
  • I am not sure that passion is a panacea for solving blogging blues, but here is a good argument for "How Passion Can Transform Your Blog." Maybe one of the things I may need to explore is trying to blog a bit outside of just LIS. I have been reading some interesting things which, while interesting, are not necessarily library-related (at least not directly). Time is still a big challenge for me, but I know I have to work at it.
  • "Brainstorm 10 Ways to Expand Your Blog." This is another exercise to try out. 
  • "9 Things to do to Make Sure Your Next Blog Post is Read by More Than Your Mom." I am not a Twitter user, so I am not sure if I can make that tip applicable. At this point in time, Twitter is just not useful enough for me. Now, running a post now and then through Facebook could work since I do use FB regularly. Doing it in LinkedIn could work for the professional blog, but I need to get more content written over there before I can do it.
  • Here is one on creating a blog maintenance routine. Definitely need to heed some of the advice here. 
  • And here is one on how to create compelling content by being playful. I think I need to explore my playful side a bit more. When it comes to my writing, some of my best writing works well when it is playful. I think that I may be letting my concerns over professional image hinder some of that playfulness. 

From Write To Done:

From Dumb Little Man:

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