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Some things I missed in May ’09, or just a small look back

Posted on: June 2, 2009

After the whirlwind month of April, May was a bit slow given that the spring semester came to an end. During May, we had a short week of interim before the long summer session and then Summer 1 started. However, I was still busy because, as the old saying goes, there is no rest for the wicked. This small list are some things I wanted to get done in May that I was not quite able to complete.

  • A carryover from April was the LG slide regarding the No Food policy in the library. How the heck I managed to miss that I am not sure. But I hope I should be able to get it done this month. Also in the carryover from April, the signage for the reference area.
  • I missed making blog posts over at The Patriot Spot with reference book of the week items related to Asian/Pacific Heritage Month and Older American Month. In this case, I did not forget, and I did not miss this intentionally. The reality was a lot more frustrating. We did not have a single item in our reference holdings related to either topic, not even in a vaguely tangential way. If I have any money left over from the very small allowance I was given for collection development, I may have to see about ordering something related to these areas. I have to admit it felt embarrassing for me, and yet, give our very out of date collection, I am not surprised. And no, by now I make no bones about it, and I don't think my boss would dare to disagree. We have some issues when it comes to our book collection being out of date in various areas. Anyhow, hopefully by next May, I will have some materials. 

On a positive, I did get a good number of things done in the month of May, including the weeding of the print reference collection. That topic by itself is worthy of a blog post at some point, since I did learn a thing or two while doing it. But that is another story.

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