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Got a lot done in April 2009, but still missed some things

Posted on: May 4, 2009

This list is going to be part of a larger post I am planning to help me reflect on the whirlwind of activity that was April 2009 for me. I am making the list here, then will link to it from my main blog to keep things short over there. For context, I am putting in a photo of my "tactical board" (or, as others may call it, the "honey do" list) for April 2009, as it looked at the end of the month. I have to say that I got the vast majority of what I listed done (and that includes stuff not on the board that the powers that be requested as well in addition):

So, what did I miss from the list?

  • For National Library Week, I was going to have a small book display. I made one last year, but I just ran out of time this year. This would have gone perfectly with the reception/open house we hosted at the library during National Library Week this year.
  • An LG slide (we have an LG monitor we use to run announcements. We use Powerpoint slides on a running slide show for the announcements. Think of what some movie theaters do before the movie starts) on the "No Food" policy. We have had some problems recently, and this would have supplemented a recent article we ran in our newsletter. This task I am just moving over to the month of May.
  • Some additional signage for the reference area computer lab. These are basically some reminders for people to save their work (on a portable device or e-mail to self) with a small line about Deep Freeze. Namely, don't leave stuff on the computer desktop or you lose it. We have gotten enough students facing doom because they neglected to save their work. This gets moved to May as well.
  • A blog post for the library's blog with some poetry links and resources for National Poetry Month. This would have been kind of a mini pathfinder. I consider this the post that got away, so to speak. I did collect a series of links for the post. I needed to write it up, add some notes, and post. Unfortunately, time ran out on this as well. This is actually reflective of the fact that blogging for the library does take time. I knew this coming in, but it is a detail others don't always consider. Making short library announcements is easy. Writing substantial content that may be of interest to the academic community is not so easy. I have learned a few streamlining tricks, but there's always the one post, like the one for NPM I just mentioned, which gets away. I could probably write a whole post about what I've learned regarding library blogging. Not that anyone would find it too interesting; a lot of the librarian gurus have posted on the topic, but at the end it would help me reflect. But let me stop digressing.
  • A newsletter article on the general topic of "getting help at the library." This was suggested by our instruction librarian. This is basically a little something to encourage students to get assistance from the library as needed from the reference desk to virtual reference. I don't feel terribly bad about anything missed for the spring issue of the newsletter since we got 8 pages of good content overall. I can save this prompt for later, or I can just turn it into a blog post.
  • Either a blog post or a newsletter article. Topic: Value of the library (kind of a "what we can do for you"). This is not as well-shaped an idea as other writing ideas, but I had hoped to get it done this time. Unlike other items on this list, I may not get to this right away.
  • And the one item I feel bad about, even though we did many other things related to this: a blog post with information and a set of LG slides for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which was celebrated in April. We did do other things related to the theme. That we partnered with the university's Wellness and Prevention unit for some events was great, and it was a highlight for my career as outreach librarian. The items I missed would have added promotion to the cause's very important message. I will do the writing on this one, modify it slightly, and post it anways in the near future. After all, this is something that requires year-round awareness.

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