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More pieces on advice about blogging and writing (yes, another link dump)

Posted on: April 29, 2009

I find helpful to read about how to be a better writer. Writing for me is something that I enjoy, but it is something that I have to work at. In other words, I am nowhere near being gifted when it comes to writing. So I need all the help I can get. Every so often I try to go back and look at some of these ideas, maybe try something new. In the meantime, here are a few things I have been finding around the web recently, mostly for my reference, but if they help anyone else out there, have at it.

  • Copyblogger suggests "How to Be a Better Writer in the Next Ten Minutes." I liked the one about stepping away from the keyboard. One of the things I have been doing lately is turning off the computer at home as well as the TV earlier in the evening so I can get some more reading done. For one, I do want to read some more. But second, I like reading because it can help me become a better writer as well.
  • This is more about productivity than the actual writing craft, but it is useful nonetheless. ReadWriteWeb offers a guide to online collaboration tools. One of these days, I have to add ReadWriteWeb to my feed reader. Right now it is one of those blogs that I hear about when someone else picks it up, which tends to be good enough. However, since I do need to weed my feeds a bit, maybe I need to weed some of those other guys out and add RWW in instead. Something to ponder.
  • Once a year (I think it is once a year), Problogger presents a series on how to build a better blog over a month. I pick and choose things that interest me or that seem to be more applicable to my personal amateur situation. I mean, for instance, I have little interest to none in making money with my blogging (at least for now). But other tips are great. Here is one on developing an editorial calendar for your blog. I have tried to do this for the library's blog at my workplace, but the success has been a bit mixed, mostly due to the many time constraints I face. However, I am not quite ready to give up on the idea yet. He also came up with a suggestion to come up with 10 ideas for posts. Now that I like since it gives some concrete prompts I can try. And here he offers a whole bunch (ok, 27) of must-read tips and tutorials for bloggers. Now, I have not gone through that list yet, and a lot of the stuff is more for professional bloggers who deal in marketing and SEO, but there are a couple of things on content I would not mind looking at later.
  • From the Anecdote blog, "Three Story Plots We Humans Dearly Love." Anecdote also invites us to ask "Does Your Story Have Impact?"
  • Write to Done offers "7 Easy Ways to Energize Your Creative Writing Powers." This blog also offers "The Naked Writer," discussing how much a blogger or writer reveals in the writing. This is an issue I have pondered and considered once or twice, but I think I may need to revisit it a bit more in light of some recent events. We'll see. In addition, here is one on "Quote-Hunting: How To Improve Your Writing and Your Life." Collecting little quotes, which I often jot down in my personal journal, is one of my little pleasures plus something that at times invites reflection for me. I may have to read that post a bit more closely to see what I can learn from it.

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