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Hey, someone replied to that AIG whiny executive.

Posted on: March 28, 2009

I may have mentioned before that I try to stay away from politics. Well, I follow them, but I try not to discuss them in polite company. I do find the whole AIG mess pretty much disgusting, and I would wish the sorry bastards would shut down the company already. I mean, if they want to take our money, then they should take any conditions imposed. Don't like terms? The simple solution is don't take the money. Period. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and deal. So, when that executive from AIG made his resignation letter public in the NYT, I thought it was a ridiculous piece of self-righteous tripe. A lot of people have replied to it much better than I could, but one person in particular said what needed to be said. The Rude Pundit has a great response to that sorry bastard. If you are squeamish, don't go further. But if you are open minded, are as outraged as most people are, then go right ahead. Because he has said what needed to be said. 

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