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Little note on library marketing

Posted on: January 9, 2009

My director recently gave a newsletter from the IOP. Apparently, they publish a Librarian Insider, and the December 2008 issue had an item on Library Marketing. They did a small interview Ms. Karen Oye, Head of Customer Services of the Kelvin Smith Library at Case Western U. Their library has a news blog here. I need to take a closer look at that blog when I get a chance. A quick glance tells me I may learn a thing or two that could be useful for our library blog here at UT Tyler. Anyhow, here are some things I wanted to jot down:

  • On why they do library events: "People multi-task today, and their interests are broad–we can tap into this by holding events in our library." They find this works better than just talking to people as you meet them or sending out flyers. Success comes from getting the attention of people at the event, and it creates social buzz at the library.
  • Some of the things they do for advertising events are things we do here: we put visuals on our campus plasma screens. We have one in the library, and I have one posted on the University Center's screen. It is a nice resource for uploading flyers. I am intrigued when she says they are networked. Here, I have to create one for ours in the library, then send a copy over to the Student Life folks to post on theirs. Would be nice to have a network, and then I could just upload directly. Word of mouth is still crucial.
  • Use your in-house talent when possible. I am losing my graphics person to retirement, so that is one talent I will have to start cultivating myself.

What I am still wondering is how they manage to actually plan and implement the events. I have a list of events we do every year, and they take a lot of time, especially for one person. I may have to look over their blog and see what they offer.

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