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Brief article note: on librarianship, collaboration, and changes

Posted on: July 8, 2008

Citation for the article:

Birdsall, William F. "The Chiasmus of Librarianship and Collaborative Research for Evidence Based Practice." Evidence Based Library and Information Practice 3.2 (2008): 65-75.

Read online (this is an open access journal. Article link opens as a PDF file. Journal homepage here).

This is just another article that I have not that much to say, but I still wanted to make a note in it someplace. In essence, the article is saying that we may be moving back to a more heterogeneous era in librarianship, somewhat similar to the previous century. By this, the author means going back to the notions of the library being maintained on the basis of local needs as opposed to the more homogeneous era we have now based on standards and bureaucracy set (in stone it seems) by the professional organization. A lot of this movement is being propelled by the 2.0 movement. Author also suggests considering local forms of knowledge, reviewing the literature on native forms of knowledge.

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