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Ideas on Creating Library 2.0, for academic libraries

Posted on: June 18, 2008

Meredith Farkas recently delivered a talk on the topic of 2.0 and academic libraries, and she put up her presentation's slides. On the one hand, I tend to dislike looking at slides when people post them up like that because there is no context; I have no idea very often what people said to go with the slides. On the other hand, I happen to like this presentation because it has a lot of examples of things other libraries are doing. There are a few things I see that I would not mind trying. At the moment, what is stopping me is time and possible buy-in from others. Anyhow, for now, just wanted to keep track of this.

And by the way, I really need to consider how to use Slideshare. Seems like a nice little tool that could be useful.

Other items, while I am making notes:

  • "100 Free Library 2.0 Webinars and Tutorials."
  • Sarah Houghton-Jan's presentation on "Online Marketing for Academic Libraries." (link goes to her blog, where she links the presentation as a PDF). Some possible ideas here as well. She also did an "Online Marketing for Libraries" (link to her blog for various viewing options) webcast for OPAL. I have to take some time to watch it (assuming I can get it to work on my non-admininstrative privileged computer. I am still not happy over the fact I was not able to make some SirsiDynix webinar work here at MPOW because of that paranoid nonsense they got here on my campus).

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