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Draft post: Am I Feeling Silenced?

Posted on: April 5, 2008

I have been tinkering and messing with this draft for a while. It was intended for The Gypsy Librarian, but I just don't quite feel like finishing it. Mostly, I am not sure where to go with it because I do not quite have the answer to the title question. Anyhow, here goes:

* * * *

Well, not quite at that point, but there are moments as of late when I wonder. Back in February I took a break from this blog, and it went on for almost a month. When I came back from the break, I was not sure I was ready, but I took the attitude of "the show must go on." On the other hand, maybe I am at the silenced point. There are certain things by now that I stay out of when it comes to this blog. I am referring to things in librarianship. For the personal things, I have my personal blog. Anyways, back to librarianship, I keep out of it because I either have nothing to add, or I am not willing to go along with the trends. I hate the echo chamber effect. And I hate things that are simply taken at face value without being questioned. I am a curious person. I think it is one of the things that actually make me a good librarian. But let's be honest, the profession as of late has not exactly done much for my curiosity. Let's just leave it at that for now. And I mean the profession at large. My work has given me my good moments.

When it comes to writing about work, I have mixed feelings about it. I thought about that a little bit back on October of last year when I was posting "On Blogging About My Library Experience." This time around, the rub for me is, we are doing a couple of pretty neat things. I think one or two of those neat things might be nice to share because I think they might be useful to somebody, plus I am learning a lot. Our recent usability testing is a good example of that. It has been a good learning experience.

Time has not been kind to me. I have been very busy at work, and the hours have been getting longer. Let's just say I have been accumulating comp time faster than I can use it up. That does leave less time for blogging, and that's life to an extent. I use my writing as a reflection tool. Maybe the problem for me has been that I have not had enough time to sit and reflect. Unlike most bloggers who simply shoot off whatever pops in their head, I often need to take time and think about things before I post them. But that is just a reality of the job, not really an issue with the blogging.

Idea prompted by CW at Ruminations, who was thinking about the notion of being silenced too.

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