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The airline industry not doing so well

Posted on: February 29, 2008

A couple of days ago I was watching CNN before heading out for work, and a lady was speaking about the progress on the Passenger Bill of Rights in Congress (link to the video from CNN). I am personally not satisfied with flying, and anyone who is nearby will hear me say that no one can pay me enough to get on a commercial aircraft. No, I do not have any fear of actually flying. It is the bad service and attitude of the airlines that will keep me off their planes. The last time I was in the job market, and I had to fly for a couple of campus interviews, the flight experience was pretty dismal. The only decent flight was a short flight on a commuter puddle jumper, part of a regional airline, and that was because it was an older propeller plane (so the seats were not as narrow as the barely adequate ones you have now), and the young lady who was our flight assistant was fairly pleasant. Otherwise, every single plane I had to ride in was pretty much a nightmare. As I said, you can't pay me enough to get on a plane on coach, and upgraded section, that is still debatable.

At any rate, at one point, I do have an interest in reading about the issue and seeing if anyone actually does something about it. Personally, I think the airlines will continue getting away with their cattle car behavior as long as people keep flying. If only we had a major boycott that was so bad it would shut down an airline or two, then maybe the airlines might finally get a clue. But I know that is wishful thinking. Anyways, here are a couple of links of interest I have seen around, mostly government documents.

A hat tip to Docuticker.

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