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Libraries are doomed, yet again

Posted on: February 22, 2008

It seems once every so often, librarianship gets its moment to navel gaze and reach the conclusion that libraries are doomed. It may be due to more resources being online, townships or campuses just not wanting to fund libraries, or the dumbing down of the library, turning it into an arcade, etc. Anyhow, it is out there, and after a while, it gets old to be perfectly honest. Can't these people talk about anything else? Do libraries face challenges and issues? You bet they do. But c'mon, take a break on the doom and gloom already. Here are some examples I have seen recently:

And this is just a small sampling. If I had the one answer that would save libraries, I would certainly share it. But to an extent, you get what you pay for. It's simple really. If people don't think a library is important, they won't fund it. It could be more than a few libraries need to close. It's a matter of priorities. I would suggest that maybe libraries could help out when it comes to the poor literacy rates of the United States when compared to other nations in the world. And I could give a lot of the usual positive facts or slogans that tell us libraries are good or valuable, but in the end, it is a matter of priorities. Given that this country does not exactly value children (just look at the fact that a huge segment of our child population is allowed to languish in the most terrible and appalling schools in some parts of the country if you need proof), not valuing libraries certainly seems easy. But in the end, it will come and bite us back. It may not be now, or in a few years, but it will happen. So maybe, instead of decrying the usual doom, maybe the powers that be will pay attention and actually do something. Just a thought because to be honest, I do find the whole "libraries are doomed" meme kind of stale by now. You want your library? Do your best to keep it. Otherwise, shut the hell up already.

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