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Notes after Student Services Expo

Posted on: January 23, 2008

Last week, on Tuesday November 15, I attended the Student Services Expo. It's a campus event sponsored by our Office of Student Development where various campus service offices host informational tables for the students. I am always happy to attend events like that since it gives me an opportunity to meet and greet students while promoting the library. It also gives me a chance to learn about other campus services as well. Anyhow, we had about 15 campus offices represented (if my count was accurate). However, I realized after the event that there are a few things I would like to do better next time. Mostly, this falls in terms of things to bring with me.

  • We need a better general brochure. What I have in mind is a nice document that provides a good summary of our services. Right now, a lot of this information is spread out in various instruction handouts. We need a one page (Can be two-sided) item that is colorful and can be handed out.
  • Since we have a new library blog, we need to market it more. We could make some bookmarks as a form of promotion with the URL.
  • Also, another easy thing to do was to print out some extra copies of the current newsletter.

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