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Some blogging advice and exercises

Posted on: November 30, 2007

These are some links to blogging exercises and other ideas to help with blogging or improve a blog.

  • Darren Rowse from Problogger suggests: "Improve your blog by reading a magazine." I find this one interesting, and I will try it as soon as I get a chance. I also noted his hint that you can read a lot of magazines for free at your local library.
  • Mr. Rowse also suggests running a SWOT analysis on a blog. I am not as sure about this one; it seems much more applicable to commercial blogs. On the other hand, the post does provide some good prompts for reflection. May be worth a try for me.
  • Additionally, Mr. Rowse asks "how does your comment policy affect your readership?" Definitely good advice here. At the end of the day, trolls and inflammatory commenters should not be tolerated.
  • Lea Woodward, guest blogging at Problogger, tells us "how to be a happier,  healthier blogger." This advice reminds us of an important thing: we need to take care of ourselves and our health.
  • From Emily, at Library Revolution, a "story about telling stories." It is another reminder for those who keep a library blog to tell stories rather than do the usual telegraphic news pieces. This is definitely something I am aiming for in the new library blog we just implemented. I am finding it does take more work, but it is worth it. I can only hope the comments will eventually follow.
  • From the blog Vaspers the Gate, "20 reasons a business should NOT blog." Some of these may be applicable to libraries as well as to bloggers in general. (a hat tip to Library Revolution).
  • Jessica Hupp writes "The Ultimate Guide to Blog Usability" at the Virtual Hosting Blog. I don't think I would follow every single item on the list, but there are a couple of things worth looking over. (a hat tip to Stephen's Lighthouse).
  • The Blog Herald featured a series on coverting a newsletter to a blog. The series is written by Lorelle VanFossen. Here is the first post. The rest of the series can be found there. While we are keeping our newsletter in the library as well as continuing the blog we just started, there is some good advice here in terms of planning for content and other blog details.
  • Michael Stephens, of Tame the Web, reminds us about blogs as conversations. This is in the context of blogging with students in a class.
  • Isabelle Fetherston at Senior Friendly Libraries discusses a new link blog and how to set one up. The blogger uses Google Reader's tools to do it. I am intrigued by the possibilities. Not so much to make another blog for me, but for the library or our staff. Though, a good link blog might be useful for me too. Maybe as an alternative to Bloglines. Overall, I see possibilities as a reference tool, but I need to toy with the idea a bit more.

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