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Ideas for inspiration from Sandbox

Posted on: November 14, 2007

I liked this post from the Idea Sandbox blog on "Grains of Wisdom." Some of the things I have striven to do; others I could work on a bit better. Here is the list with my thoughts:

  • "Keep an idea journal."  When at work, I keep a clipboard with paper handy. I like a clipboard because it is big enough to have some space, and I can carry it around in the library. I usually use scrap paper (leftovers from the printers) on it since I use it for quick notes, ideas, scribbles, etc. Often, I write rough drafts of posts in the clipboard, and then edit for the blog. One thing I would like to do is have a small notebook of some kind I can carry when not at work or at home. I carry a backpack, but I want something for when I don't have my backpack, which has my journal, or I am not at work. If I find a nice little thing that fits in a pocket, probably a back pants pocket, I would be set to scribble when on the road with ease. I don't want some PDA or electronic thing. Old school will be fine in that regard.
  • "Add knowledge." Librarians can certainly do more. We can find ways to add knowledge at work as well as for the profession. A lot of the librarian bloggers do this already in their work.
  • "Arrive with a solution."
  • "Jerks are everywhere. Learn from them." I could work on this a little. Learn from the jerks, even if means learning something you definitely should not do.
  • "Avoid jargon."
  • "Expand your field of knowledge." This is where keeping up pays off. Be an active and lifelong learner. After all, you can add knowledge or expand your knowledge if you don't seek it out.
  • "You are your brand." I am thinking this deals with your reputation. What you stand for. Your integrity as well as how you treat others. In other words, how do you want to be known?

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