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Reminders and ideas for online outreach

Posted on: November 10, 2007

I am distilling these list items from a post by Jenny Levine on online outreach ideas from Internet Librarian conference. The post is from notes of a presentation given by Sarah Houghton-Jan and Aaron Schmidt. Anyways, I am just pulling some items from the very long list that I want to remember, adding some thoughts here and there.

  • On Wikipedia, I noticed the university has its own entry. However, though the library is listed in the buildings' list, there is no link to the library or other references. This could be an opportunity to add something about the library to the entry.
  •  Maybe down the road we can move to listing the library in some local website. I need to look into this. Personally, I think that looking into some of the local websites would be beneficial for me as a way to get to know the town better. This would also include seeking out local blogs and forums.
  • I am not quite convinced yet about making a library profile on social services like MySpace or Facebook. I can see some value of individual librarians having a presence, but an institutional profile does not seem to meet the "useful" criteria beyond "it may be cool." I remain skeptical for now. However, things like a Flickr and/or a account for the library I can definitely see as useful. I like the idea that some of this maintenance work once one of these sites is implemented can be delegated or done collaboratively.
  • As for advertising ourselves (I am referring to librarians here) as experts on the various online answer services, I leave that to each individual librarian's comfort level. Personally, I am not quite ready for that stage; it often seems a lot of the questions in such places are on the trivial side. I do like and follow Metafilter and the AskMetafilter sites but not comfortable posting to it. Could that change? Maybe. I think one of my apprehensions is size. Once a community is on the massive scale with various cliques and so on, I just don't see it as a place I wan to break into, so to speak. At least for now.
  • Glad to see we can still keep and use our newsletter.
  • We are moving to use IM as a reference tool. It will be part of the new website redesign.

Update note: Sarah gave that same presentation for the Hawaii Library Association. Here are the slides, which make the notes look a lot better. Note it is a PDF file.

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