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Posted on: October 27, 2007

I finally got the clearance, so to speak, to proceed with the library's blog. I should not make it sound so dramatic, but my director had some minor concerns about what would happen if anyone made a not-so-appropriate comment. I reassured her there were ways to have some degree of control by using comment moderation, which most blogging options offer. While in my personal blogs, I have not reached the point of needing to moderate, I can certainly see why it would be a desirable option at times. However, we did not consider what could happen if no one comments on the blog, which is a possibility. It was a common occurrence for the library blog in my previous workplace that there would be no comments. Much of it had to do with the blog having mostly a broadcast tone. And that leads me to point out this "Comment on comments" I found at the Library Revolution blog. While the post is meant for people leaving comments on blogs, there is also advice on making a blog more inviting to comments. Definitely worth a look, and I am noting it as a supplement to my previous post on wanting to tell stories with a blog

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