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Work Notes: Library Assessment and Plans

Posted on: October 16, 2007

Since we are in the process of revising and revisiting our library mission statement as well as goals for the library, I am doing some small searches here and there to get examples of language and goals other libraries have tried out. I am mostly doing it for inspiration. Our library is working towards the SACS accreditation, so there is our incentive. Anyhow, there are a few things I have come across that are either of interest to me at least. I may update and add to this post as needed.

  • Post from Michael Stephens pointing to the mission statement from McMaster University in Canada. Link to their blog.
  • Bowdoin College Library's Strategic Plan document for 2006-2008. Note it is a PDF file. Note goals 3, 5, 7, and 12. Well, at least for my area of endeavor. Our instruction librarian, for instance, may be interested in goal 4.
  • Brooks Library, Central Washington University, "Mission Statement and Operational Objectives 2007-2009." Note how they link the library goals to actual strategic goals of the university.
  • Article citation: Svenningsen, Karen and Lois Cherepon. "Revisiting Library Mission Statements in the Era of Technology." Collection Building 17.1 (1998): 16-19. (Found via Emerald).
  • The Director of Olin Library has a blog, and in this post actually discusses the planning process of his library in creating a mission statement. I also had a note about library directors having a blog, which I may have to resurrect and re-edit a bit for publication. I wonder if my current director would go for such an idea. By the way, the Olin Director recommended this book on libraries and mission statements.
  • My director pointed to the KSU Library blog as a good model. It is a nice clean look done on Typepad. I could see us trying out something like that. Anyways, just putting the link here for me to remember. Actually, they have a whole bunch of blogs and feeds. And here is their strategic plan.
  • The Columbus State University Libraries have one of their goals related to outreach activities.
  • Here is the University of Maryland Libraries strategic plan

Update Note (10/24/07): A colleague found a link to Clemson Library's Assessment Plan, so I am adding it to the list. While not as substantial, it does have a good format. Note the link leads to a PDF.

Update Note (10/25/07): A massive list of "Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment" just came to my attention. I have to take some time now and look it over. A hat tip to the Information Literacy Weblog.

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