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Moving library guides to wikis

Posted on: July 11, 2007

I have been thinking for a while about using wikis here in the library for a few things. Pathfinders are actually one of the materials I would love to move over to wikis. However, our choices in terms of wiki tools are severely restricted. Since we lack servers in the library, the option of downloading any wiki software is out of the question. It would probably have to be some hosted option, and even then I am not so sure. It is something I need to investigate. Would something like PBWiki work for us? At this point,  I am thinking about opening an account myself with PBWiki (or any other free solution) and taking it for a spin with one of the library guides I have made. I could see how the system works out, ease of use, so on, then show the others. It's an idea I have been bouncing around for a while.

Seeing Joyce Valenza's post on "Ten Reasons Why Your Next Pathfinder Should Be a Wiki" has definitely added some fuel to my inspiration. Some of the reasons she presents are things I have been saying here for a while: the organic nature, the ability to collaborate with the editing amongst the librarians (and possibly faculty for pathfinders in their areas), and ease of use (no need to know things like HTML). We'll see how it goes.

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