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Posted on: July 9, 2007

These are brief notes and citations for articles I have read in the last two or three weeks. I don't quite feel like making a full note on each one on the main blog, but I still want to recall that I read them. So, here goes, in no particular order:

  • Del Bosque, Darcy and Kimberly Chapman. "Your Place or Mine? Face-to-face Reference Services Across Campus." New Library World 108.5/6 (2007): 247-262. (accessed via Emerald).
    • From the abstract: "The purpose of this paper is to present a case study which describes reference and instruction outreach programs promoted about the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Library." It is mostly about their Direct-2-U program. I personally found the ideas for drop-in tours and library crash courses more relevant and useful given my setting.
  • Saricks, Joyce. "Marketing Our Collections." Booklist 1 May 2007: 70. (Read in print)
    • Basically, a small set of simple marketing tips for library displays. Feature good titles, have inviting displays, and make them count by keeping track of statistics and giving credit when due.
  • Hallmark, Elizabeth Kennedy, Laura Schwartz, and Loriene Roy. "Developing a Long-range and Outreach Plan for  your Academic Library: The Need for a Marketing Outreach Plan." C&RL News February 2007: 92-95. (Accessed via Omnifile).
    • Reasons for having the marketing outreach plan and tips on how to put it together. Includes an estimated budget of costs and ways to evaluate the success of the plan.
  • Dimmock, Nora. "A Popular DVD Collection in an Academic Library." New Library World 108.3/4 (2007): 141-150. (Accessed via Emerald).
    • Basically an argument in favor of popular DVD collections in academic libraries. In the case of the article, the collection is supported with funds allocated from their local student government.

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