Alchemical Thoughts

A new experiment

Posted on: June 14, 2007

I have grown weary of the limitations with the Yahoo! 360 blog I was using. It was part of the old account I have in which I pick up some news feeds via the My Yahoo! page. I have had it for eons. Well, basically, I got tired of some of the limitations. Mainly, I was annoyed I could not choose which posts to make private and which to share. Vox here allows that option. So, I went ahead and imported the posts I wanted to be private over here, and I deleted them over there once I got done. The Yahoo! 360 was meant to be a backup blog for when Blogger would be down, which is fairly often. Over time, it the Yahoo! 360 has become a sort of scratch pad where I put in posts that I deemed not quite ready for the prime time of my professional blog, The Gypsy Librarian. That is why this blog has the name of "Alchemical Thoughts" in the title. I chose the Maverick Librarian monicker for this blog and setting for a couple of reasons:

  • To make it a bit reflexive of what kind of blog this will be. It may be fun, a bit irreverent, exploratory, bold at times (I hope). 
  • Because I was using that user name on the G-mail account I used to open this one (plus, I also use it in Technorati and a couple other places. Made sense to use it here as well).

At any rate, I expect that I will be using the 360 blog less these days as I get in the habit of using this one. Whatever is already there that is public will stay there for the few readers just fine. I may post a bit now and then over there for amusement, but this will be the new scratch pad for me now. So, feel free to look around.

Best, and keep on blogging.

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